EMOJI Movie Money Box

From August 11, 2017 10:00 am until 12:00 pm

Emoji Movie Money Box

This one is going to suit all ages and ideal for however you're feeling! 

Bring along a picture or a plan - you can look up emojis on your phone if you haven't already decided which emoji character is your favourite!  Feeling Poop might be a favourite with some of the children!

We'll make sure you have a slot for money to go in but you'll have to brace yourself to smash to get your cash!

Come and try a few clay techniques while having fun creating something unique. 

After making, you can paint it in whatever colour you like - we have plenty of colours!  Your emoji money box will be left to dry before firing.


  • £15 per person, per project, including firing
  • Age 7+ and over
  • Age 6 and under welcome with an adult helper
  • Adults can book to make their own project

Any questions at all? Please get in touch here.


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