Tarka Pottery

Pottery Painting

At the Studio

Come and paint some pottery - no experience required!  Our range of bisque shapes includes mugs, teapots, plates, money boxes, animals and more, from as little as £7.50. 

The studio fee of £3 per person to paint as many items as you like, covers costs including glazing and firing, after which your pottery is ready to collect or post anywhere in the UK (standard p&p charges apply).

Paint a pot is suitable for anyone from age 0 to adult. A great family or holiday activity and we do painting parties too.

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Christmas Pottery Painting

At Tarka Pottery you can have some creative fun while you paint your very own personal gifts, tree decorations and keepsakes for Christmas.  

You just can’t beat a hand painted gift. Decorate a Christmas gravy jug, mug for Santa or Christmas pudding plate, which you can use year after year. You’ll be amazed how fabulously professional your items look after they have been glazed and fired.

We've got some very cute penguin tree decorations to paint this years, as well as stars, hearts, trees and jolly Santas. Lots of the decorations are suitable for baby hand and footprints, but you can also paint a traditional scene, Christmas tree or anything you fancy!

We have three sizes of bauble, the smallest of which is delightful for baby's first Christmas. We love painting tiny hands and feet so please ask if you need help.

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Free Painted Baby Tile Offer

We love painting tiny toes and to celebrate your new arrival, we offer a free painted footprint tile to any new baby before their 1st birthday when you spend £15 or more on painted pottery. 

We're very happy to help you capture gorgeous hand and foot prints. Come along with your antenatal group and have a fun afternoon, painting keepsake heart plaques, photo frames, mugs, teapots and more over a coffee and chat with other new parents. 

You can paint a tiny print for a 'baby's first Christmas' bauble any time of year. It will look delightful on your Christmas tree!

See our hand and footprints page.

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We get very busy during school holidays and in wet weather so it's always a good idea book, we suggest you ring or text on busy days.
A minimum of 1.5 hours is allowed for painting and at quiet times you are welcome to stay longer.

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Nursery, toddler group, club or school


Invite us to your pre-school, nursery or toddler group.  We'll provide you with an order form and help with painting hand and footprints on the items that parents wish to choose. 

Makes a lovely activity for Mother's or Father's Day, treat for a half-term or summer holiday activity and an unmissable activity pre-Christmas.

We visit over 12 groups and school in the run up to Christmas creating some fabulous keepsakes for parents and friend - so get in touch to book your September to December pottery painting date.

On the day we bring along everything need for the painting activity and clear away afterwards. Our child-friendly staff are on hand to paint little hand and foot prints which parents can decorate too.

After the activity the pottery is glazed and fired at our studio, ready for collection within two weeks.

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  Green glazed bowl with a red flower motif


We can't wait to have you! To book a session, get in touch or return to our homepage to see what else we have going on.